Cancer:  How I Survive When Dealt That                            Unsteady Hand

A True Story of Courage, Hope, and Survival

A True Story of Courage, Hope, and Survival

In 2013, I was faced with a devastating diagnosis of stage IV blood cancer that left me in shock and despair. Very few knew of my dilemma, and the struggles I endured.

I am writing a book sharing my experiences of how I survived. It’s hard to imagine, but cancer has changed my life for the better. I am telling my story of what brought me through, how much stronger I am now physically, and mentally. My journey details the path of conventional medicine, yet most importantly my love and respect for organic plant based foods that help me tremendously.

At this time, there is no cure for this disease, but I am healthy and living a fun filled life, much more so than before my diagnosis, which taught me so much about myself.

Although writing this book brought back many distressing memories, it is my hope that my journey to wellness may be of help to others.  

Available now from Balboa Press

Order this title through your local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer. 978-1-4525-0006-5 (SC ISBN)






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