What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Warm Lemon Water With Turmeric?


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You’ve probably heard good things about lemons, and likewise, turmeric. Have you ever thought about their combined effects? There is some research that indicates a combination of lemon water and turmeric can have beneficial effects for your health. As it is, lemons are nutritional powerhouses, because they contain antioxidants, Vitamins B and C, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as essential enzymes and fibers.  When mixed with lemon water, turmeric can add to these benefits by providing additional fiber, potassium, and vitamins. If you’re not entirely convinced, try reading these seven specific benefits from drinking lemon water with turmeric.

Improved Digestion

Consumption of turmeric with lemon water daily can improve digestive health. This happens for many reasons. Perhaps most importantly, both lemons and turmeric contain measurable levels of fiber, which help to significantly improve the function of the digestive system by making it easier to expel waste products.

Skin Health

There is early research that suggests turmeric can be quite helpful for the health of your skin. These benefits are thought to be gained regardless of if you apply the turmeric topically or choose to take it orally. Either way, the turmeric, or more accurately, the curcumin (the key ingredient in turmeric) is thought to help remove skin blemishes and acne.

Heart Health

One perhaps lesser known benefit of turmeric is its boons for heart health. The curcumin found in turmeric can help the heart by reducing total cholesterol, partially by targeting low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (that’s the ‘bad’ kind). This, in turn, helps reduce the amount of buildup in the arteries, which would otherwise contribute to blockages, high blood pressure, and even strokes or heart attacks. When combined with the power of lemon water, the heart also benefits from increased potassium intake, which counters the effects of sodium by making blood vessels more flexible, which can lead to a lowering of blood pressure.

Weight Loss

It is thought that turmeric combined with lemon water can contribute to weight loss. This has to do largely with its digestive helping properties. By removing toxins from the body, particularly the liver and the kidneys, turmeric is thought to help the digestive system function more efficiently, which can, in turn, stimulate the absorption of nutrients into the body, and help to jumpstart your metabolism. This cuts down on excess bloat and fat that might otherwise build up in your body, helping you to lose weight more quickly in combination with other factors, such as a proper diet and exercise.

Increased Potassium Intake

As mentioned earlier, lemons and turmeric contain some potassium, a mineral that is extremely important for heart health. It is perhaps most known for how it counteracts the effects of sodium, which hardens the arteries and makes the heart work harder. However, in addition to reversing the damage caused by excess levels of sodium, did you know the potassium can help improve your mood and soothe away digestive issues? Keep in mind, these benefits do not apply to potassium supplements, so getting a boost from lemon water (and other food sources rich in potassium) is the best way to go.

Cleansing Power

If you’ve ever watched a cleaning commercial, you might have been expecting this one. There’s a reason lemon is widely purported as a cleaning agent; it can bring this cleansing effect to your body. Specifically, the antioxidants found in a mixture of lemon water and turmeric can help clear toxins, as mentioned earlier. This keeps your cells fresh and repairs the damage done to them. All in all, this causes your body to run much more smoothly. Furthermore, vitamin C can help to boost the strength of your immune system, which also contributes to keeping your body strong and healthy.

Itching and Pain Relief

If you regularly suffer from pain or itching, mainly as a result of Osteoarthritis, you will be pleased with this benefit. There is some promising research that turmeric, or turmeric extracts, can help to soothe this painful condition. This comes partially because of turmeric and lemon’s power to fight inflammation and swelling, which significantly contribute to the pain caused by osteoarthritis. However, this remedy can help combat pain caused by other sources of inflammation. This is especially true when the turmeric is taken orally up to three times daily, or when it is taken in combination with other ingredients.

Elsie Young